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Ajmal Kasab should have been hanged long time ago: Muslim groups
Express News Service, November 21, 2012

Muslim groups across Maharashtra welcomed the hanging of Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab and claimed that action against a person who kills innocent people should have been taken a long time back. "People who come from across the border and murder innocent civilians deserve no mercy. Keeping him alive for so loan after a guilty verdict was passed was in our view a murder of justice. We however welcome this belated measure that was taken by the government," Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind's Maharashtra unit Secretary Gulzar Azmi said. 

U.S. Muslims are not measured by the exemplary work of its mainstream
The Washington Post, September 19, 2012

As American Muslims, we are civically challenged - challenged by some of our fellow Muslims, by the media, and by our limited success in having our voices (and those of the mainstream of our community) heard. Our e-mail boxes are replete with Muslim condemnations of the violent protests in reaction to the video, “Innocence of Muslims,” yet the perception remains that Muslims are silent to extremism. (more)

Muharram and A Call for Muslim Unity
Abdul Malik Mujahid, November 19, 2012

The violence, which springs up annually at this time, is an extreme example of the sometimes tense relationship between Sunnis and Shias. To the credit of the Saudi government, which is guided by Salafi scholars, derogatorily referred to as Wahhabis, they have never stopped Shias from performing Hajj or praying separately around the Kaba. This is despite their strong anti-Shia beliefs and positions. (more)  

My turban: Made in the USA
Los Angeles Times, November 30, 2012

I was on my way to lunch with one of the partners at a prestigious law firm when we both heard it: a random person on the street yelling at me, "Terrorist … hey, terrorist!" (more)  

Action Requested
Sign Petition: Today Is the Day for Common Sense Gun Regulations

We are beyond heartbroken as we think of the kindergarteners and others that died in Connecticut. This was the 3rd day in one week with a mass shooting in our nation.